Music that recalls the authenticity and musicianship of "Roots" Music”

— Kenneth Marks, Hannibal's Big River festival

The Midnight Wanderers

The Midnight Wanderers started over a decade ago when husband and wife, Matt and Jenny Richardson started to delve deeper into the folk tradition. Matt picked up the banjo and Jenny gravitated to upright bass. From here they slowly shaped their band and the old time goodness of their set lists. Drawing from bluegrass to old time, to folk and blues their music covers the gamut of americana. Matt, who grew up the son of a Texas Western Swing fiddle player, has recently started bringing more Bob Wills tunes into the group. Jenny, one of the main songwriters in the band has been adding in original tunes that blend well into the mix.

Although the lineup has moved around a bit over the years, the current lineup really lets them explore their full potential. Thad Miller, fiddler extraordinaire,  joined the band in 2019.  He has become an integral part of their sound, with his fiery fast fiddle runs and high lonesome harmonies and vocal leads.  Joel Greenemeir brought his dulcet tenor and mandolin to the Wanderers in early 2022. A bluegrass veteran of the Lincoln scene.   Rounding out the Sound is Colten Welch on those lightning fast guitar licks and Rhythm. He brings a fun energy to the group.

The Midnight Wanderers really are a collaborative effort. Taking turns singing lead and picking songs keep the set diverse. They are also working on perfecting their one mic technique, which is an old fashion technique that involves the entire band learning to mix themselves on stage by moving around the mic. One of the few local bands working with this technique. 

Listening to the Midnight Wanderers leaves you happy like a warm summer afternoon. With songs curated from so many genres including classic rock, Western swing, country and bluegrass there's something for everyone.


The Midnight Wanderers have made their way around to festivals like Grand island music Series, Blue Moon Festival, Applegrass, Harvest Ale, Feast on the Farm, Big River Steampunk festival, Soaring Wings Harvest festival,  the Plainsong festival, BFF Femme Fest and competed and took first in the band competition at the Tallgrass Festival. They also had the honor of recording tracks for the Friday’s Live on NET Radio.


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